Jumat, 06 April 2012

Bad Guys

Here is the dynamic criminal game about the biggest heists ever!

Rob different banks, casinos and other interesting places with a lot of cash! Crack their safes! Capture hostages while your friend packs your “easy money”! And be careful: there could be ambushes waiting for you outside! Shoot those dexterous cops and try to escape in your car.

Feel the taste of danger and adventure! Hear the singing of bullets near your head! And you’ll see how easy it is!

A criminal adventure which can make you rich…or prisoner. Are you sure you ready for it? Well, go ahead! The heist has begun!

• Addictive gameplay

• 7 missions with 4 stages in each
• Safe cracking levels
• Street gunfights vs cops & SWAT
• Capture hostages
• Hot car pursuits and ambushes

Download:Bad Guys apk v1.1