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Android Apk ►Android Eye – Computer Vision v1.1.0 (1.1.0) Android Apk App

Android Eye – Computer Vision v1.1.0

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Overview: Computer Vision. Object Recognition. Android Eye. The ONLY Computer Vision App!


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Computer Vision. Object Recognition. Android Eye. Take a Picture of any Object.

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Android Eye is an advanced Object Recognition app. Take a picture of any object, and Android Eye will tell you what it is.

Computer Vision. Image Recognition Technology (IRC).

Will automatically download python interpreter for you (needed for Image Recognition Algorithm.)

Take a picture of a car… Android Eye will tell you the make and model of the car. Take a picture of a foreign t-shirt label… Android Eye will tell you the brand, and where the shirt is from. Take a picture of a tree… a ball… a person… the results are endless.

This is the new version, it works very well, particularly with vehicles, products, brands, and well-known “things”.

Also, it’s AMAZING taking pictures of friends! I took one pic and my friend made a funny face. Android Eye showed a thought process that made us LAUGH! Then it guessed her as “Creepy Kid”.. it also guesses celebrity names.

Software that does this is usually only available to government agencies and research facilities.

Enjoy, and learn with it Ideal for visually impaired persons. Ideal for identifying vehicles or other manufactured items including computers, phones, or anything you would like a name for, a make or a model

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