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Android Apk ►All Talk 1.5.0 (Android) APK

All Talk 1.5.0 (v1.5.0) (Android) APK

Overview: Play All Talk with friends today!

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: August 23, 2012

Price: $2.99

All.Talk All Talk 1.5.0 (Android) APK All.Talk2 All Talk 1.5.0 (Android) APK

Can you describe BEACH without saying SAND or OCEAN?!

Play All Talk — the newest social guessing game in the Google Play Store! Play with friends from all over! You’ll hear a funny VOICE CLUE – see if you can guess the answer and send clues to your friends too!

- You’ll be given a TOP-SECRET WORD your friends need to GUESS! Record VOICE CLUES and send them to your friends to help them guess the secret word! But be careful — don’t say one of the special “BANNED” words!


- RECORD voice clues that will help your friends guess the secret word!

- GUESS secret words based on voice clues that your friends send you!

- SET RECORD STREAKS with your friends by guessing correctly and avoiding any “banned” words!

- WIN COINS for guessing words correctly and leaving good clues!

- Exchange coins for KEYS that will let you redo clues or select a new word!

- RECONNECT with friends in all places with this hilariously entertaining game!

- You’ll get a GOOD LAUGH out of the funny clues you send and receive!

- Play with friends on hundreds of Android devices!

PLEASE NOTE: This game allows you to purchase items in the game for real money. Please disable in-app-purchases on your device if you don’t want this feature to be accessible. Per our Terms of Service our games are only for users 13 years old and over. Please do not access this game if you are under the age of 13.

What’s New in All Talk version 1.5.0:

-New Facebook Features!

-Login Improvements!

-Bug Fixes!

All.Talk3 All Talk 1.5.0 (Android) APK All.Talk4 All Talk 1.5.0 (Android) APK


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