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Android Apk ►Advanced Task Manager Pro 2.0.9 (Android)

Advanced Task Manager Pro 2.0.9 (v2.0.9) (Android) APK

Overview: Best task killer for android system, speed up phone, save battery!

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: August 11, 2012

Price: $2.90

RITz Advanced Task Manager Pro 2.0.9 (Android) 4c784ebf Advanced Task Manager Pro 2.0.9 (Android)

Kill tasks,free memory,speed up phone,save battery.

ATM 2.0 with totally new UI is comming, and it’s really cool!!!

Advanced Task Manager Pro Feature:

  • Kill selected tasks

  • Ignore apps when kill tasks

  • Auto kill tasks on every screen off

  • Regular kill

  • Startup Kill

  • One click task kill widget

  • Quick uninstaller

  • Show battery life

  • Support android 1.5/1.6/2.2/2.3/3.x/4.0

  • Ad Free


Q: Why do apps restart again?

A: Some apps are restarted by system events apps cannot be prevented from restarting because of the limitation of the system. It is suggested to enable auto kill in settings, and it will kill tasks on every screen off. It will help to save battery life and release memory for the phone.

Q: How can I add app to ignore list?

A: You can long click on the task that you want to ignore, then you will get a poped up context menu, click “Ignore”. The ignored apps will not be listed in the task list, and will never be killed. You can manage the ignored apps in settings.

Q: How can I manage startup apps?

There is “Startup Kill” in settings, it can help you to kill tasks on system startup.

What’s in Advanced Task Manager Pro version 2.0.9:

  • Add Korean translation

34e766b5 Advanced Task Manager Pro 2.0.9 (Android) 156fe27b Advanced Task Manager Pro 2.0.9 (Android)


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