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Budgetman 1.02 (v1.02) (Android) APK

Overview: An Android application that will help you manage your economy from a day to day basis!

Requirements: Android OS 2.3 and up

Market Update Released: August 9, 2012

Price: $1.69

XI5Q Budgetman 1.02 (Android)

In both norwegian and english!

Includes features such as:

- Daily Amount

Budgetmans main focus is to show you how much money you can spend every day without running out!

This amount is based on how much money you’ve got on your account, how many days it is until you get money from your next main income, monthly expenses and save plans.

The daily amount is shown in the main menu and on the widget. Whenever you spend money during the day(e.g. when shopping groceries) just click the daily amount and enter the amount you just spent! The daily amount will then show you how much you got left!

- Virtual savings account

If you want to save money, either a certain amount of your total checking account or a small amount on a daily basis , you can set this up with Budgetman!

- Saving Goal

If you want to save up some money for a weekend, a new laptop, upcoming holidays or even a new car, this feature will reduce your daily amount so that you can afford your goal on a date of your choosing!

- Budget Calendar

An easy to use calendar where you can manage your incomes and expenses, and give you full control over your budget!

- Widget

Set up the Budgetman widget on your widget screen to easly see how much money you’ve got today and click the widget to enter the amount when you spend it!

- Notifications

Never forget to pay your rent, phonebill, electric bill e.g. again!

Every time one of your incomes, bills or save goals expire you will get a notification!

And much more!

What’s in Budgetman version 1.02:

- Corrected some spelling errors

Coming Asap:

- Repeat transactions every other week

- Repeat transactions every other month

- Performance and bug fixes

Coming in the near future:

- Name on expenses

- View over spendings with names

Known issues:

- When an expense is added that exceeds the total amount of money you have in your virtual checking account the expense will be ignored in calculations.

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