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Android Apk ►Joystick Clock for SmartWatch v1.0.0 (1.0.0) Android Apk App

Joystick Clock for SmartWatch v1.0.0

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Overview: Joystick Clock is an extension for use your clock as a Joystick to play mame games.

Tested with mame4droid, a free emulator you can download at google play for free: … 4all&hl=en

You must install emulator first and then search for any rom.

This extension sends input keys as a virtual keyboard. After install it, you must enable it at your device settings / Language & Keyboard.

Next step is selecting this Joystick Clock as your input method (when you finish playing, go back and set your default keyboard again). Ok, it is ready.

Once you have mame4droid working ok, you must configure to not show Touch Controller to get more screen space and at Input Settings, define keys for player 1, specially Select to Coin and Start to Start.

The pad is replaced with the accelerometer, moving your wrist and buttons touching the screen. There are 2 buttons screens, the first one has buttons A and B and the other one has the buttons Coin and Start. To screen change you must swipe up or down.

This extension could work with other emulators too. Try them!

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