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Android Apk ►Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile v1.0 (1.0) Android Apk App

Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile v1.0

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Overview: Check out this powerful office productivity app: TextMaker Mobile is the only word processor for Android that displays all your Micro soft Word documents faithfully

Check out this powerful office productivity app: TextMaker Mobile is the only word processor for Android that displays all your Micro soft Word documents faithfully.

• Edit and save all .doc, .docx, and .docm files from Micro soft Word 6.0 up to 2010 seamlessly, without losing formatting or content

• Also opens and saves password-protected Micro soft Word files.

• Built-in PDF export

• On-the-fly spell checking for English (US+UK), German, Swiss German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch

• Work with tracked changes and comments like you do in Micro soft Word on your PC.

• Access documents in Dropbox and Evernote directly from within the app.

• Tables

• Pictures may be inserted from image files, from the built-in camera, and the photo gallery.

• A huge range of character formatting options: bold, italic, underlined, doubly underlined, font and size, text and background color, subscript and superscript, small caps, and all caps

• Flexible paragraph formatting: left and right indent, first-line indent, paragraph alignment, line spacing, space above/below paragraph, hyphenation, tabs

• Display any TrueType or OpenType font

• Automatic hyphenation in 33 languages

• Paragraph alignment: left- and right-aligned, centered, fully justified

• Lists with bullets and automatic numbering

• 100-level undo and redo

• View documents in print view or draft mode

• Bookmarks

• Document properties (author, subject, etc.) and document statistics (keystrokes, characters, words, sentences, etc.)

• Open, edit, and save many other document types (OpenDocument, RTF, HTML, plain-text files, Pocket Word, etc.)

• Send documents by e-mail directly from TextMaker Mobile in any of its file formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, etc.)

• Menus and dialogs localized for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, and Turkish

• … and much more!

TextMaker Mobile is the only word processor for Android smartphones and tablets that lets you open, edit, and save all your Micro soft Word documents without losing formatting or content. And as it works with any TrueType or OpenType font, documents are even shown in the correct typeface.

Imagine this: Start a document in Micro soft Word on your PC, work with it using TextMaker Mobile, then finish it with Micro soft Word. Everything stays intact, no formatting is lost. No other Android word processor does this!

TextMaker Mobile comes with many features that make your work as convenient as on your PC: An on-the-fly spell checker checks your documents while you are typing and immediately marks your typos – not only in English, but also in 16 other languages. Tracked changes and comments work just like in Micro soft Word. You can export documents to PDF format directly from within the application. And when you are on the road, you can access documents stored on Dropbox or Evernote directly from within TextMaker Mobile.

Using SoftMaker Office Mobile is child’s play. You can use it not only through menus, but even more quickly through its toolbars. The main toolbar is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and it contains the most important icons. Tapping on the File icon opens a secondary toolbar with all file commands. Likewise, a tap on the Edit or Format icons brings up toolbars with editing or formatting-related commands.

TextMaker Mobile is the only word processor for Android that truly deserves its name. Check it out now, you will be amazed by its capabilities, its compatibility with Micro soft Word, and its friendly user interface.

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