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Android Apk ►Plants vs. Zombies HD v1.9.5 IPA (1.9.5) iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Game

Plants vs. Zombies HD v1.9.5 IPA

Plants vs. Zombies HD 1.9.5 is latest release with full HD support for iPad 3. Also Plants vs. Zombies HD IPA 1.9.5 has new 4 levels of zombie hordes in which you have to fight as great. Get ready to Soil your planet.PVZ 1.9.5 has 50 excellent levels through in swimming pool, fog, day and night which has ability to spend your time with great adventure. Plants vs. Zombies is also the Winner of Best 20 games through this Year.

Plants vs. Zombies HD version 1.9.5 has snorkelers, bucket head and vaulters. Zombies love brains they will dance, jump, run and swim. PVZ HD ipa 1.9.5 has greater Retina Display for iPad3. Be careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds. Earn 49 powerful perennials and collect coins to buy power-ups and more. Earn 25 iPhone-exclusive achievements and show off your zombie-zapping prowess.

Plants vs. Zombies HD 1.9.5 Plants vs. Zombies HD 1.9.5 IPA With Full HD Support For iPad 3

Plants vs. Zombies HD 1.9.5 Features

  • Full support for Retina Display For iPhone 4

  • Multitasking

  • Fifty excited levels

  • Compatible with iOS 4 multi-tasking

  • New quick play arena

  • Long Fight


  • Grow up

  • Battle zone

  • Day and night mode

  • Roof top

  • Fog

  • Fight Longer, get stronger

  • Loads of performance enhancements

What’s New In Plants vs. Zombies HD 1.9.5

Greetings zombie fighters. The zombies have invaded en masse and the fiends have denied you the use of Sunflowers! Can you battle through 4 levels of zombie hordes using a limited amount of sun and prevail in a desperate last stand? Should you succeed, an even tougher challenge awaits you with Last Stand Endless. Grab the new Hammer Time, Still Standing and Stuff of Legends achievements while you’re at it. And try out some powerful new mallets to give those pesky Gargantuars a good whacking!

  • Now with full HD support for the new iPad.Plus, check out the new PvZ merchandise area as well. It’s craaaazzy!Features:


    * The Last Stand Game Pack features 5 new levels plus an Endless variant.


    * Unlock 3 new achievements: Hammer Time, Still Standing and The Stuff of Legends.


    * Pick up a new Mallet Pack to help you whack zombies in Survival and Last Stand Endless modes.


    * Check out the PvZ Store for loads of great Plants vs. Zombies goods.

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