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Android Apk ►Root App Delete (uninstaller) v6.2.3 (6.2.3) Android Apk App

Root App Delete (uninstaller) v6.2.3

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | Androidappsel.blogspot.com: 1.6 and up

Overview: Best root Uninstall Tool For Rooted Android Phones, best uninstaller app remover


RootAppDelete is the best ROOT Uninstall tool For Android.

It helps you freeze or uninstall system apps inside phone

It’s special:

* tiny,fast,especially fast for old phones with low memory

* “recycle” MODE, auto backup system apps

* can “Disable” backgroud system service, such as “google backgroud transport” and “contact sync service”


Explanation of permissions:

“read phone state” and “internet” permissions are used to stat how many users are using my app, and when FC, I can get error report.

it’s just used to improve my app. If you still can’t accept, uninstall.


compared to other uninstall tools in android market, it is much more better

for example, the app ” uninstaller ” is a very popular uninstall app in google play, it’s the smallest uninstall tool, simple and easy. But uninstall does NOT support rooted phones. Even you have root permission, you can NOT modify system apps inside your phone, which is very annoying.

the app ” app remover “, is another similar uninstall tool in google play, but app remover neither supports rooted phones.

the app ” system app remover “, is also a famous uninstall tool , and it does support rooted phones. But system app remover never give you any warnning before you uninstall a system app, which might be kernel file of your android phone. so it’s much safer to use ” root app delete ” than “system app remover ” in a rooted phone, especially for those new android users, who don’t quite understand the danger of uninstalling system apps with root permission.

compared to many other similar uninstall tools, you will find how useful and how safe this App is.

Guys, enjoy!

What’s in this version:

【provide Vip version, which is $4.99, to All user】

* add sys app DataBase of HTC

* add search button

* add 5 levels of sys apps with 5 colors

kernel/components/original/plugins/junk (from red to green)

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