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WordCam FULL 1.24 (v1.24) (Android) APK

Overview: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how about a picture MADE of a thousand words!?

Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: September 8, 2012

Price: ON SALE ONLY $0.99!

E7ncw WordCam FULL 1.24 (Android) APK

WordCam re-creates your gallery or camera photos on a blank canvas from scratch using only text. Words + Camera = ART!


☆ Capable of single letter, single word or multiple words

☆ Can use any characters you wish!

☆ Select one or several fonts

☆ Simple fine-tuning controls allow you to edit and perfect your image

☆ Fast processing time

☆ Save to local storage or share

☆ Supports PNG and JPG images (no GIF)



☆ More fonts!

☆ Improved word placement and removal of some overlap

☆ Other image enhancement controls


✔ Simple objects with clutter-free backgrounds work BEST.

✔ Experiment! WordCam can be really amazing but you HAVE to experiment. Try more than one image…

✔ Import artwork into your favorite image editor for further tuning.

✔ Please show us your artwork! We usually re-post and re-tweet the images icon wink WordCam FULL 1.24 (Android) APK

Save your art to your gallery or share with any other installed application (Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc).

Enjoy your new word camera!

What’s New in WordCam version 1.24:

  • WordCam now saves font selections for the future.

  • Updated default fonts to improve default image output quality.

  • WordCam will not attempt to use the largest image output resolution possible given free memory available. Logic exists to try to prevent Out-Of-Memory errors also.

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